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Gully emptier are designed for transport and collection of liquid waste.

Tankers are fitted to the chassis frame or may operate in gate- lift or hook- lift system. We offer tankers with capacities up to 20m3 (mounted on trucks), and trailers with a capacity of 30m3. Negative pressure or overpressure is generated in the tank, which is used for emptying the tanker. The following technical solutions are available in our offer: hydraulic lifting and blocking of bottom plug, hydraulic compressor drive, triple system of protecting the compressor against flooding, divided tank (chamber with water) using high-pressure water pump for washing or cleaning drains, the tank raised hydraulically.


– Compressor with agreed upon parameters,
– Suction hoses,
– Containers for hoses,
– Tube liquid level indicator,
– Warning lights and other agreed upon with the user.