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The PZ series watering machines are intended for spraying and washing of paved roads and squares. They can also be used, among others as a supplier of utility and extinguishing water in fire-fighting operations, it can be used during road construction, including for feeding water to specialized machines.
The watering machine can be adapted to special tasks, e.g. to work on cinder tracks. This version is standard equipped with an additional band washing system around the track.

Basic equipment:

 - tank capacity from 2 to 15 m3
 - inspection hatch with a diameter of 550 mm,
 - Steel shot blasted tank with two-stage corrosion protection, an option made of stainless steel is available as an option
 - water tank with connection for filling directly from the hydrant,
 - the rear part intended for the pump and fittings closed with a hinged flap.
 - independent activation of individual scourers from a desktop located in the driver's cabin
 - control of pressure and water flow from the panel located in the driver's cabin
 - spray bar with effective and economical operation - available as an option
 - the possibility of pumping water into sweepers
 - fire nozzle with a 50 mm hose

Water system:

Water pump with two rubber impellers, double-bearing, which rotate in opposite directions, and are driven by two parallel connected Danfoss hydraulic motors with the symbol OMS-126 (capacity up to 900 / min, pressure 8 bar). Water pump drive from the chassis attachment.

Control panel

An easy-to-use control panel is installed in the driver's cabin, enabling the switching on and off of individual scourers, a spray bar (option), smooth control of water flow and pressure (option) and switching on warning lights.


Watering machine dishwasher mounted to the chassis frame or in the exchangeable system, e.g. on a load box, hook device, gate device, etc.