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zdj. B-400

Vammas B 400 snow blower with, a high-performance removal of dry and wet snow, it can be used with a wheel loader. The recommended weight of the wheel loader is 20 tons. B 400 blower control is via control panel located in the cab. The blower may be temporarily controlled from the emergency control panel located on the blower. The blower’s conical shape makes it much easier for the operator to see the field of operation.

B400 snow blower

3300 t/h
Working width
3,64 m
Total weight
7,6 t
Casting distance up
to 45 m
2 hydraulically driven spirals
Spiral diameter
1,1 m
its own engine
Max height of snow bank
1200-1455 mm


The structure of the cutter is three-headed, cutter speed is steeples 0 – 120 rpm, hydrostatic drive. The cutter is driven hydraulically by a pump and two hydraulic motors. The speed of rotation is controlled by adjusting the volume of the variable – displacement pump.

Turbine Fan

The turbine fan is mechanically driven by SISU CTR differential gear (i = 6.83).
Diameter of the turbine fan, 4 blades 1500 mm.

Support wheels

Two pairs of support wheels 180/70-R8.


OM 502 LA 420 Mercedes-Benz – 420 hp
Max. rotational speed 1800rpm.

Electric System

24 V voltage
2x12V 180 Ah batteries
Alternator 140 A/24V
Working lights, halogen 2 × 75 W
Engine room lights 1 × 21
Emergency stops 2 pcs

Fuel system

Fuel tank capacity 300 liters

Hydraulics system

Hydraulic oil tank 80 liters

Control system and panel

Programmable control unit.
The control panel has all the necessary functions for start, drive and stop of the unit:

  • ignition switch
  • emergency stop
  • pre-selection of cutter
  • pre-selection of casting direction (option)
  • pre-selection of casting duct angle
  • support wheel raise/lower
  • switching on lights

Control panel menu display shows

  • engine operating speed and hour meter
  • hydraulic system pressure
  • hydraulic system temperature
  • engine oil and coolant level
  • Hydraulic oil level
  • amount of fuel
  • turbine fan temperature
  • Engine temperature

The display shows the problem and the buzzer alarms when

  • engine oil pressure is low
  • hydraulic oil level is low
  • coolant level is low
  • engine coolant temperature is too high
  • Hydraulic oil temperature is too high
  • air filter is dirty
  • no information is received from the alternator

The engine stops when

  • emergency stop button is used
  • engine oil pressure is too low
  • Hydraulic oil level is too low

Optional equipment

  • engine coolant heater 230 V
  • hydraulic oil heater 230 V
  • battery charger 230 V
  • electric fuel heater, 2 pcs
  • any other RAL color
  • control panel cable length at request
  • NATO coupling for external power source


The vehicle is constructed in line with EU vehicle directives. The vehicle has the CE mark.

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