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zdj. 14145654


Loading box capacity:

 - loading box type 3M - from 5m3

 - loading box type 4M - from 7m3

Type of spreading material:

 - sand,

 - salt,

 - mixture of salt and salt

 - special material: possibility to define own material

Material discharge:

- Salt:  5-40 g/m2 ;

 - Sand:  50-320 g/m2

Innovative solutions: 

 - Modern design.
 - Increased protection against corrosion.
 - Automatically adjustable material selection shutter.
 - Full diagnostics of the main components after starting the spreader.
 - Simple, intuitive operation of the control panel.
 - There is no need to link the control with the chassis tachograph.
 - Easy assembly on any vehicle without interfering in its electrical installation.
 - Possibility to define additional spreading material.
 - Possibility to update the specific weight of each spreading material.
 - Thanks to the CAN system, mounted in spreader, we can share any information regarding the spreader operation. Especially regarding cooperation with monitoring systems.
 - The modular type of hydraulic and control system simplifies assembly, service and other repairs. It is only limited to replacing the appropriate module.
 - Possibility of emergency control in case of desktop failure.