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SB 3600

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Sweeper-blower machine type SB 3600 are used worldwide to quickly clean civilian and military airports airport runways of snow.

The machine is available in two versions, as a device towed by the car – version with an extra drive wheel , or directly mounted to the truck tractor.

In the transport position, the brush automatically moves under the frame allowing the equipment to pass thorugh narrow gates. The equipment can operate at speeds up to 60 km/h. VMB 21 is roller brush with 21 cassettes on the perimeter used in the machine. This results in more efficient cleaning at lower speed and increases life of the brush. Cleaner is equipped with an automatic system of regulation of brush pattern and rotations. The equipment has a hydraulically powered fan. It guarantees complete cleaning of the surface. The fan and engine chamber is shielded with an esthetic cover made of plastic fibers. All functions are available from the control panel located in the cab. Basic operations can be performed with a single joystick.


  • Rear axle with wheel steering – an option possible only for the truck tractor.
  • Central lubrication.

Technical specifications

Length in working position 10.9 m
Width in working position 4.46 m
Width in transport position 2.45 m
Height 2.62 m
Weight 10 t
Brush length 4.2 m
Width of brush in working position (35°) 3.6 m
Brush diameter 960 mm
Steering angle left / right 30°- 40°
Leading wheel brush 2 pairs
Air flow 11 m3/s
Exhaust air speed 400 km /h
Recommended operating speed of the machine 40 – 60 km/h
Engine Mercedes Benz LA 501 260 kW
Voltage 24 V

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