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SB 5500

zdj. SB-5500-3

SB 5500 cleaner is designed in a way which work with a truck tractor. The equipment is designed for airport operations and for work with a snow plough.

It is a steel structure equipped with

  • Hydraulically driven brush
  • Hydraulically driven high-speed fan
  • Electronic control system using CAN technology
  • Remote control panel
  • Rear axle with wheel steering
  • ABS brakes
  • Motor with hydraulic pumps.

Engine: CATERPILLAR C11 – 420 hp (313 kW)
Hydraulic drive: Linde HPV210T-02 – double-chamber pump for brush and fan
SMA 480 – hydraulic motors for brush
Parker F12-080 – hydraulic motor for fan
Metaris A10V045/P350 – pump responsible for turning and lifting brush and blower
Electrically driven safety pump for the turning and lifting brush, fan channels and front support.
Clutch: Centaflex clutch between the engine and double-chamber pump.
Rear axle: SAF SK ZRLS with wheel steering.
Tires: tires on the rear axle, single mounted Michelin XFN 385/65-R22.5, on leading brush wheels 245/70-R17, 5 tires.
Fuel tank: 400 liter tank
Brakes: WABCO system, ABS
Electrical System: Two batteries 2x180Ah/12 V remote control of all device functions.
Brush: used construction guarantees very precise control of brush pattern and snow removal.

  • Brush in the working position is completely independent of the machine frame.
  • In the operating position, the brush moves as an independent trolley which is only towed and does not hang on the machine frame.
  • The brush is not affected by the movements of the suspension of the rear axle of the machine and truck tractor.
  • Hydraulic cylinder for raising and lowering the brush does not block movement of the brush up and down, due to irregularities on the runway.
  • Front point of brush unit pull moves floating up and down.
  • Large steered brush support wheels minimizes vertical vibrations of the brush.
  • Specially programmed platform control cylinders, with built-in sensors, accurately maintain the level of brush when changing the direction of work.

Advantages of the brush used:

  • Precise control of brush pattern.
  • Very little up and down movement of the brush allows for maintaining constant brush pattern.
  • No broken brush wires.
  • No uneven brush patterns.
  • Brush drive hydraulic pressure is maintained at a constant level.
  • The hydraulic pressure lever is lower than in a conventional system.
  • Fluctuations of hydraulic pressure reduced to 1/3 compared with the conventional system.
  • Increased brush life.

Brush roller type V46

  • Diameter of the new roller with disc brushes 1170 mm.
  • Diameter of the new roller with cassette brushes 1120 mm.
  • Number of plates on perimeter 30.
  • The roller core made of uniform aluminum, according to VAMMAS standard, without any screw connections.
  • As an option, brush roller may be equipped with a manual gear that facilitates turning of brush roller when changing cassettes.
  • For disc brushes, machine’s own cylinders are used when changing entire brush roller.

Fan: hydraulically driven with a capacity of 10 m3/s.Air is blown at a speed of 500 km/h from a tunnel, located below the fan.

The dimensions and parameters

The length to draw pin 12800 mm
Drew pin weigh load 4500 kg
NRear axle pressure 10500 kg
Fuel tank capacity 400 l

Technical specifications

Length in operating position 12.4 m
Width in operating position 7.48 m
Width in transport position 2.99 m
Height 3.21 m
Weight 15 t
Brush Length 6.64 m
Brush width in the working position (35°) 5.50 m
Brush diameter 1120 – 1170 mm
Steering angle left/right 35°
Leading brush wheels 2 single
Air flow 11 m3/s
Exhaust air speed 440 km/h
Recommended operating speed of the machine 40 – 60 km/h
Engine Caterpillar C11, 313 kW
Voltage 24 V

Delivery includes standard documentation in Polish, spare parts catalog, a three-day training course for operators at the customer’s premises.

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