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ADR SK 581 Tanker

zdj. SK581

Vacuum operated ADR tankers are designed to collect and transport of waste of dangerous goods of ADR class 3.

The tanker is marked with L4BH code according to ADR


Tank of the product - cylindrical, made from carbon steel, total volume of 6 m3. The tanker is supported by rings and baffled plates on the inside. The tank is inclined to the rear at an angle of about 4º. The front part of the tank is supported by saddle support with amortization pads, the rear part is placed on journal.
Inside the tank there are installed baffled plates with openings allowing to drain the product which constitutes 70% of surface area of cross-section of the tank. In the front, upper part of the tank there is a pneumatic liquid level sensor, cut off valve protecting compressor from being flooded, pneumatically controlled valve protecting the tank, and safety valve with burst disc and manovacuometer. The whole is secured by tank end with installed pneumatically controlled discharge valve and ball valve together with KAMLOK 4” connectors.


  • Efficiency: 380 m3/h
  • Type: T-5395
  • Maximum overpressure [MPa] 0,2
  • Maximum vacuum pressure [Mpa] 0,095
  • Air cooling

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