ADR SK 131

zdj. SK131

Tanker designed to transport dangerous goods of class 3 ADR. Front and rear of the tank is installed on the intermediate frame with use of saddle supports which are flexibly attached to the frame.
One chamber, cylinder tank with the volume of 13 m3, made from corrosion resistant steel. Filling the tank is done with the use of positive-displacement pump. SK131N tankers do not use vacuum pressure. Bottom of the tank is constituted by elliptical, tank end.

Equipment for the tank:

  • optical-pneumatic sensor
  • bottom valve to fill and drain the tank
  • gas pendulum
  • inspection manholes - used during cleaning and maintenance works

Chassis is in accordance with resolution of FL type vehicles (point of European ADR Agreement)

Technical details

length 9490 mm
width 2500 mm
height 3400 mm
internal diameter of the tank 1700 mm
kerb weight of the vehicle 12670 kg
maximum total weight of the vehicle 26000 kg
wheel base 4495/1370 mm
total volume of the tank 13000 dm3
storage volume 12350 dm3
maximum load of a vehicle 13330 kg
design pressure vacuum pressure -0,04 MPa (-0,4 bar)
overpressure 0,4 MPa (4 bar)
operating pressure -0,04/0,31 MPa (-0,4/3,1 bar)
Characteristics of positive-displacement pump type VOGELSANG 136-105 Q
efficiency 1150 dm3/min
recommended rpm 650÷700 rounds/min
drive hydraulic
hydraulic engine OMS 100 DANFOSS
time of filling the tank* ~12 min
control of the device pneumatic,
electro-hydraulic and manual
supply voltage 24 V
operating speed 60 km/h
operating temperature -20°C÷45°C
number of people operating the device 1

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