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Bifunctional car designed for sewage cleaning using high pressure, water as well as for sucking off dirt and sludge. Cleaning is done with cleaning heads attached to high pressure hose. Diameter of cleaned sewers is from 50 to 800 mm. Impurities are removed from wells by negative pressure created by the compressor. Double chamber tank (clean water tank and sludge tank), sludge from the tank is removed using a scraping plate.

Technical parameters

– Tank capacity (total) – from 2 to 12 m3
– High pressure water pump – 263 or 315 dm3/min or other agreed
– Compressor – 500 m3 / h, or as other agreed


– Hydraulic opening of the bottom
– Electric winch for equipment
– Hydraulic hose layer F25
– Hot water sink
– Set of cleaning nozzles
– Radio control


– Suction hose telescopic jib hydraulically lifted, extended, shortened and rotated
– Equipment for lifting well lids
– Heating device allowing work at – 15°C
– Big hose hydraulic winch f25, 120 m long
– Small hose hydraulic winch f13, 60 m long
– Suction hose, water pistol


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