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ORION POWER LIQUID Salt and sand spreader with two spinner discs is designed for winter maintenance of runways, taxiways or aprons of airports, and also for winter maintenance of motorways, this is, to spread chemical substances on icy surfaces and pouring them with brine solution.

Salt and sand spreader is controlled from the panel in the driver's cabin, with the use of microprocessor and allows to maintain preset parameters regardless of the changes of vehicle's driving speed (so called follow-up system)

Salt and sand spreader is equipped with two spinner discs made of stainless steel. Discharge hopper separates and directs the poured material to discharge chutes with modified length, where it goes to the spreader disc. Material on the spreader disc may be moistened with liquid substance.


Parameters ORION
Load of the box for loose materials (m3) 4
Load of containers for liquid chemical substances (m) 6
Spreading rate for solid materials (g/m2) 5-60
Spreading rate for liquid substances (g/m2) 5-60
Spreading width (m) 3-18
Drive Przystawka odsilnikowa
Control cyfrowe


  1. Manual asymmetry adjustment
  2. Spreading sensor
  3. COMFORT package with Thermoterm system
  4. Load bed
  5. Chute
  6. Counterweight for materials
  7. Filling sieve
  8. Electrical connector
  9. Ladder and a platform
  10. Hydraulic system
  11. Control system
  12. Warning lights
  13. Work lamp


  1. Front roller brush for use during winter, controlled for the driver's cabin (right-left, up-down), min. width of sweeping width 2500 mm, fluent regulation of brush rotation rate in range of 300-500 rpm
  2. "Rozbrylacz" ("smasher") system
  3. Storing supports
  4. Tarpaulin