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Hopper is made of S235JRG1 steel. A stainless steel version is available at request. Before painting the steel structure is cleaned to second degree of purity of the surface according to PN-H-97050. Two-stage anti-corrosion protection (thick primer epoxy paint coating and polyurethane topcoat). It is equipped with a sieve of steel bars and mobile counterweigh balancer. It may be optionally equipped with a waterproof tarpaulin and sprinkling rollers.

Conveyor belt

Profiled conveyor belt moving on board made of plastic. Conveyor belt tension is adjusted with 2 screws.


Hot galvanized chute construction. Chute gutter and the spreading disc are made of stainless steel. Disc guard is made of polyethylene. Photoelectric spreading sensor. Raising of the chute is supported by two gas springs. The chute is automatically locked in 3 positions (work, review, transport). Spreading asymmetry regulated by an electric cylinder.

Control and Hydraulics

Bosch Rexroth hydraulic electric cylinders package. Control of the spreader is conducted from the driver’s cabin. The spreader can work in two control systems -STANDARD and COMFORT. In the STANDARD system dosing of spread materials and the brine is adjusted by the driver. In the COMFORT system, after selection of the road condition, the spreader itself choices the amount of spread material on the basis of road temperature measured by temperature sensor. In both systems, the selected material discharge is set in relation to the vehicle’s speed. The pulses are read from the tachograph or from GPS. Controlling the diesel engine of the driver of the spreader is from the same desktop as the spreader.

Spreader drive

The drive of the spreaders can be implemented from its own diesel engine, PTO, etc.

Monitoring of spreaders

Salt spreader can be equipped with a system to monitor the work, manufactured by T-Matic. The module mounted in the spreader sends data on its work using GSM network (GPRS). The data is stored on servers, accessible from anywhere on earth via a web browser. The system allows real-time monitoring. There is also the possibility of copying the data directly to a portable computer.


Hopper capacity (m3) 4-10
Width of spreading (m) 2-12 (18)
Discharge of salt (g/m2) 5-40
Wydatek dla piasku i mieszanin (g/m2) 20-320
Discharge of sand and mixtures (dm3) 900-2400

Offered equipment: box, counterweigh, hopper grate, shielding tarpaulin, size reduction system, plastic cover with an additional platform, conveyor belt, chute, asymmetry, spreading sensor, drive, the brine system, brine level sensor, control, Thermoterm system, T-Matic system, work lights, warning lights, stands for storing, ladder with a platform.

New solutions in control

1. Thermoterm system (automatic change of spreading discharge depending on the temperature of the surface) – the settings can be calibrated by the user.
2. T – MATIC System. Full monitoring of work, possibility of generating reports. Data transmission via GPRS.
3. Graphical representation showing the trace of spreading with the overall width and width to the left and right side of the axis of symmetry spreading.
4. Defining specific masses of substances and recording them in the machine program – a very precise sprinkling dosage.
5. Selection of spread substances from the control panel with automatic change of gaps above the feeder.
6. Smooth change of brine discharge from the control panel.
7. Possibility of changing simulator settings of the tachometer, while working on simulation.
8. Control of machine and diesel engine is carried out from the same control panel.

Moreover, the system includes

1. Memory counters.
2. Diagnostic page.
3. Indicators for monitoring operation of the machine and the diesel engine.
4. Other operating functions.

Control panel is in a housing very resistant to mechanical impacts.


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