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SOLKA is a popular salt/sand spreader with hydraulically driven conveyor belt, used for winter maintenance of roads and streets.

Main elements of salt/sand spreader are

  • hopper,
  • conveyor belt,
  • spreader,
  • drive
  • control.

Control of salt/sand spreader is carried out entirely from the cab. With the use of analog control panel the equipment is switched off/on, the operation rotation of engine are turned on, regulation of density is accomplished and spread width is set.


  • tarpaulin,
  • brine system,
  • storage bearings

Technical data

Parameters SOLKA
Capacity [m3] 2.6 -10
Spreading width [m] 2 – 12 (18)
Sand discharge [g/m2] 20 – 300
Salt discharge [g/m2] 5 – 40
Brine system an additional option
Engine Diesel engine drive / hydraulic system / PTO
Control Analog


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